Top 5 Wedding Dresses 2017/2018

Here are the 5 dresses that most impressed me about the 2017-2018 collections.


Princess long-sleeved dress with transparent lace trim and V neckline and tulle, lace and cravat skirt.

I love the complex lace details that make up the top of the dress in a clear contrast with the simplicity and lightness of the bottom. For those looking for an astonishing effect in simplicity and delicacy.


From a finished strapless bodice comes form a elaborate piece of pleated tulle art that falls on the skirt – creating a lightweight dress in full swing. A support skirt gives an impressive volume that makes the dress a masterpiece.

I suppose it is inevitable to appreciate the air of novelty emanating from a piece as traditional as the white tulle. A suit that combines the rationality of geometry with the sensitivity of the effigy.


If you love stunning wedding dresses, you will love Julie Vino’s latest collection: Venice.

In fact, the 2018 collection has rich details inspired by the Italian city, including tattoo embroidery and jewelry jewelery. What strikes this collection is the perfect union created between dress and city.

It lets us imagine the dress in sublime accord with the context surrounding it. So also the location has its importance … who says Venice can not be just that?


Prior to the last collection of “Victorian Affinity” (which takes on the style of Victorian England and Belle Époque), Le Secret Royal expresses the deep love of the haute couture mansion through original silhouettes, innovative details and floral elements.

Since the dresses are created in silk tulle embroidery and white lace, this collection is for those who want to feel themselves “queens”.

This dress is inspired by the real white peacock and features a collection of embroidered applications that fall on the back of the dress to form two folded wings.



The tulle layer skirt of this Truly Zac Posen gown leaves breathless.

Balanced by a tight bodice and tiny tufts in tulle, this bridal dress is original and very elegant, coming to give the bride the bear of a swan.


Bridal dresses are objects of desire that accompany the life of women since childhood. A spell that is born of the charm and elegance of Disney Princesses, is achieved when the dress is suitable for one of the most important and unforgettable days of life. The idea of marriage has changed considerably over the centuries and fashion has always been able to adapt to change.

In the last few years, fashion designers are starting to look at two ideas of “bride” that are almost antipodes: the “traditional” in white and lace and the “avant-garde” that combines colors with completely innovative shapes.


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