Wedding Dresses Mihano Momosa 2018

A collection of amazingly beautiful and unusual wedding dresses for 2018 from the famous Serbian brand Mihano Momosa. Fascinating styles of wedding dresses are decorated with firm lace, feathers and voluminous flower applications. A wedding collection called “Endless” is an ode to feminine refinement and modern romanticism!

Oglia-Loro Couture 2018 Wedding and Evening Dresses

A collection of luxury wedding and evening dresses Couture 2018 from the famous Australian designer Sam Oglialoro. In 2000 couturier created the eponymous brand Oglia-Loro, and then Sam Oglialoro was recognized as one of the most innovative designers in Australia. Luxury design elements of dresses, special attention to detail and decor, an accentuated line of…

Collection of wedding and evening dresses by Dror Kontento 2018

A collection of incredibly beautiful wedding and evening dresses 2018 from the Israeli designer Dror Kontento. Amazing decoration with sparkling crystals and pearls is a distinctive feature of the works of the talented designer Dror Kontento. Luxurious decor of dresses and suits, beautiful styles, amazing patterned embroideries, appliqués and bewitching glitter.

Wedding Dresses Berta Couture 2018

Luxury advertising campaign collection of wedding dresses Seville Couture 2018 fashion house wedding and evening fashion Berta. As always, the imaginative silhouettes of dresses and rich furnishings, seductive cutouts, skillful embroideries and spectacular appliques … Berta wedding dresses are a work of modern art in the world of wedding fashion, and therefore many future brides…

Alessandro Angelozzi Couture 2018 Wedding Dresses

A luxurious collection of wedding dresses Alessandro Angelozzi Couture 2018. A wedding collection called “A Tribute to Woman” is the embodiment of incredible beauty and modern femininity. Amazing dress styles and impeccable finish will enchant future brides!   In the advertising campaign of wedding dresses Alessandro Angelozzi, the Argentine TV presenter, actress and model Belén…