Lorenzo Rossi 2018 Wedding Dresses

  A delightful collection of luxurious wedding dresses called “Havana” for 2018 from the famous Italian designer Lorenzo Rossi. Incredibly beautiful wedding dresses will enchant you with graceful silhouettes, magnificent skirts and long plumes, translucent inserts, flower embroidery, lace patterns … Amazing luxury of modern trends of wedding fashion in a new collection of dresses…

Eliran Araha 2018 Wedding Dresses

Insanely beautiful collection of wedding dresses for 2018 from Israeli designer Eliran Araha. Exciting translucent fabrics seductively fit a womanly figure. Charming floral appliqués, feathers and rhinestones, frank cutouts and décolletage are quite sexy and luxurious!

Elihav Sasson 2018 Royalty Girl Capsule Wedding Dresses

  A stunning collection of wedding dresses for 2018 from the famous Israeli designer Elihav Sasson. The talented couturier does not cease to amaze us with his impeccable creations. Madly romantic and refined images from the new wedding collection show us the amazing wealth of decoration, the beauty of embroidery, the weightlessness of streaming plumes…

Flora Bridal 2018 Wedding Dresses

A collection of charming wedding dresses from the Israeli brand Flora for 2018. Beautiful and sophisticated silhouettes of wedding dresses, embroidered with lace patterns and fine sparkling beads. A light touch of vintage style is stylishly and in a modern way beaten by Flora brand designers. IRRESISTIBLE 2018 INTRIGUE 2018  

Anaelle Haute Couture 2017 Wedding Dresses

A magnificent collection of wedding dresses Haute Couture 2017 from the Israeli fashion house Anaelle. Designer Anaelle was born in Paris, and at a young age she moved with her family to the Caribbean islands. Over time, Anaelle moved to Israel, where she attended the Academy of Fashion Design. Being the main designer of the…