Cortana 2018 Bridal Collection

All the Cortana 2018 wedding dresses are designed by Rosa Esteva in Barcelona, and crafted locally using couture dressmaking techniques with the finest materials sourced from Italy. Esparta total look, in sand coloured stretch linen sourced from Italy. This ensemble includes a bustier top, a jacket and a high-waisted skirt. The Esparta jacket has long…

Graziana Valentini 2018 Spring Wedding Dresses

Valentini Sposa blends classical and innovative designs to present a refined, elegant bridal collection, always adding a touch of the originality that makes him so unique and special. List of wedding dresses from Graziana Valentini 2018 Spring collection. Made in Italy wedding dresses. Elegant style together with unique details designed just for you. [ap_instagram_feed_pro id=”11″]