Nicole Colet 2018 Wedding Dresses

The Colet 2018 wedding dresses, Nicole’s glamorous collection, designed by Alessandra Rinaudo, is simply romantic and perfect especially for those who dream of an outdoor wedding. In the catalog, in fact, there are wonderful bridal dresses with bucolic and surprising prints, depicting delightful and colorful spring flowers. In addition, in the 2010 Nicole Colet wedding collection there are also more classical and sober bridal dresses, but all embellished with something that makes them unique.

The catalog of Colet 2018 wedding dresses is definitely one of the most glamorous and pleasing at present. The collection boasts many classic models, revisited in detail and in the workmanship, but also colorful and above all imaginative proposals. Certainly, among all the wedding dresses that designer Alessandra Rinaudo has signed for this new bridal line, they are printed to capture our attention.

The floral wedding dresses are made of a white base fabric on which are embroidered branches, green leaves and pale pink flowers that gracefully decorate the entire dress. Among the models offered are slippery and fluid, with deep neckline and neckline, more classical creations, large and bulky shape, but also asymmetrical ones that gently uncover the legs. About flowers, these elements were also used in sub-form of embroidery, decorating more classic designs, silk or tulle, offering also colorful, especially in pink blush.

Very beautiful the siren bridal dresses that the brand has made in its Colet bridal catalog 2018. Among these we find various sophisticated and particular proposals, such as that with the skirt made of organza and wavy veil effect. We also love heart-shaped models, around which we find a small macramé lace decoration, or those with long sleeves, one of the unmissable details of the 2018 bridal tendencies.

If you prefer something much larger, you are princess bridal gowns, most of which feature a bustier with a heart neckline and tulle skirt and silk chiffon, in some cases embroidered with lace or faded. For women looking for a more exclusive look, there are tattooed wedding dresses that feature satin velvet rugs with macramé and simple ladies with small inserts that gracefully decorate your shoulders to your back.

Browse our gallery to see all the images of the wedding dresses of the Colet 2018 catalog.

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