Looking for a trendy wedding dress for your wedding in 2018?

Looking for a trendy wedding dress for your wedding in 2018? I present to you the 5 trends for the wedding dresses of the season. Transparency, lace, cuffs … follow the guide.

Lace, guipure or even macramé, in 2018 the materials will play the effects of transparencies on the bride. The motifs tattoo the body and elegantly sketch romantic canvases, often based on floral drawings. It is a real goldsmith’s job that is done on these wedding dresses, and the result is often mind-boggling. If you do a religious ceremony, you can adorn a small leather jacket or an elegant sweater so as not to “shock” the thinking.

If the lace dresses the bride, she can also adorn small details that give relief to the wedding dress. Deliciously dressed all over the dress, these little additions give romanticism to the wedding outfit that is adorned with ten dozen butterfly. It changes, I love!

The small lace sleeves are seen and will be seen more and more on the wedding dresses. They can be added on a strapless wedding dress or be directly integrated into the basic wedding dress (which I prefer). They give a little folk look to the most sober bridal outfits and dress in a few inches a top of bridal gown. I just love it !

Whether it is for a wedding combination or a traditional wedding dress, lace back is a trend to retain for 2018. Indeed, many brides want a nice neckline in the back but are reluctant to take the plunge for do not “shock”. And lace is THE solution. We suggest, we invite the look but we still hide a little bit. Elegance, refinement, everything I love.

We do not present you the lace top that slips over the wedding dress … it’s been several seasons already that it makes its show and it is not ready to finish. We love him because we can postpone it any time after his wedding and most of all, simply on jeans. It gives a layer of elegance and above all it is much easier to report than a wedding dress! On D-Day he elegantly dresses a simple strapless dress and gives a rather casual style very sought after while making very chic. I love it, it is surely my favorite trend and this for several years already.

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