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Julie Vino Spring 2018 Wedding Dresses

Inspired by the romantic and refined elegance of the Venetian capital, the new 2018 bridal collection of the maison takes us on a dream walk along the winding canals and the historic streets of Venice.

detachable skirt wedding dress-julie vino spring 2018 venezia collection

julie vino spring 2018 venezia collection

Here, then, that the Italian references abound in this new collection of wedding dresses, evident starting from meticulous attention to detail, such as the precious jewel details, the seductive embroidery lace and floral ethereal motifs.

julie vino spring 2018 venezia collection

The silhouettes (above all the mermaid) follow and fondle the figure languidly like a second skin, in a triumph of luxury and stylistic opulence, excellently seductive and passionate: it is a real adulation of an irrepressible femininity, skillfully diluted by the use of fine lace in embroidery and ramage sumptuously worked ad hoc.

Julie Vino “Venezia”

Season after season and year after year, Julie Vino continues to amaze and the Venice 2018 collection is the eclectant confirmation: wonderfully spectacular wedding dresses, ideal to leave the sweet half breathless, advancing imperiously along the aisle of the most beautiful day, fateful consecration of timeless promises of love.

I have been involved in creating from an early age, and as I grew older and exposed to the world of fashion it was clear that fashion design would enable me to realize my attraction to beauty and aesthetics, my talent for creativity and my unique sense of style.

I studied fashion design and then specialized in bridal and bridal fashion with leading designers in Israel and abroad, and in 2008 I established an independent studio for bridal and bridal fashion in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

My design vision is original and different in the Israeli fashion landscape; My bride dresses compliment the feminine body and show a combination of classic style with modern touches and a strong connection to fashionable trends from around the world. My bride is fashionable, elegant and glamorous, yet sensual and unique.

The material is an endless source of inspiration for me, so every season I import a wide variety of fabrics and materials from all over the world. Hand-made ethnic tissues from India, unique competition from France, and richly detailed fabrics from Italy. In a special department in my studio, expertise in the profession reproduces every canvas and adds pearls, beads, sequins and textures to create a unique fabric for my brides.

Wedding and evening dresses in original designs are the source of my passion. A passion I want to share with you. With me, everyone gets the attention, warm attitude and personal design of the dress of her dreams. In the process of creating the dress, I emphasize sewing, embroidery techniques and fabrics of the best quality, but no less than that, I make sure to service at a high level and a warm and loving family atmosphere, in the sense that you are part of the magical creation process.

Julie Wino

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