Giuseppe Papini 2018 Wedding Dresses

In the new collection of wedding dresses 2018 Giuseppe Papini light and fluffy fabrics and flakes are the absolute protagonists for the wedding day. From princesses to mermaid dresses to short models discover photos of wedding dresses Giuseppe Papini 2018.

The flakes are the protagonists of the new collection of wedding dresses Giuseppe Papini 2018. The Italian designer has presented a line of clothing for the day of fluid and fairy wedding characterized by exclusive and sought after elements. White is the only color chosen for this bridal set but the charm of tradition meets the youngest style of bridal dresses with asymmetrical or even short skirts. Discover with us all the latest news from the Giuseppe Papini 2018 catalog.

Italian designer Giuseppe Papini designed an extremely elegant and sophisticated collection designed for women who want to reach the altar with grace and lightness. Fabrics, designs and silhouettes are fluid and fairy for today’s brides who want to move with skill and without constraints.

In the new Giuseppe Papini 2018 collection alternate long and short models but also asymmetrical and characterized by very few detail but carefully selected.

Among the novelties of the brand we find first of all a series of simple column-style wedding dresses with a straight-to-star or slightly heart-shaped skirt and a slim and light skirt with silk satin lace on the back of the dress designing a big bow fil rouge of the entire collection Giuseppe Papini 2018.

Starting with this elegant and precious waistband, he has taken on the entire bridal line, which also includes princess bridal dresses with lace embroidery on the bodice as well as on skirts especially for women wishing to wear fairy tales.

Do not miss the silk wedding dresses made of silk mikado and trapeze-shaped dresses that meet the needs and tastes of each one.

The catalog also alternates short dresses 2018 with skirt top and skirt skirt, but there are also asymmetrical patterns that feature a length at the back and a slight traverse.

We invite you to browse our gallery to preview the photos of Giuseppe Papini’s 2018 wedding dresses that you could wear on the wedding day.

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