Elle Bridal Awards Carlo Pignatelli

King of this Milanese Bridal Week (crowned even the first night during the Elle Bridal Awards), Carlo Pignatelli attended Milan, enchanting all those present with a romantic, elegant and rich collection of novelties.

It has conquered the vast parterre of VIPs, printers, influencers and wedding workers who sat Saturday night in the splendid location of the Cathedral of the Factory of Steam to discover the new 2018 collection of the Puglia stylist loved by the Italian public but not only.
To dress up Haute Couture 2018 dresses that followed one after the other in an engaging fashion show, directed by Alessandro Mazzini.

Carlo Pignatelli has once again succeeded in performing magic, bringing on stage his unique, unmistakable style, which has long been distinguished and boast of our Made in Italy all over the world. He, who loves to define himself first and foremost as a “tailor”, has once again demonstrated that he is incessant to the work of experimenting, proposing something new, such as the clone of the man’s collection, the “Smoking Torino”.

Queen of the bridal walkthrough of this Bridal Week event model and actress Eva Riccobono, who enchanted all present with her elegant and sophisticated charm.

In dress as a present, the audience has been able to discover the new leaders of the collection in a constant balance between innovation and tailoring.

For man Carlo Pignatelli has proposed precious fabrics such as silk, satin, twill and jacquard, while for women it was the tulle the true protagonist.A work of art after the other is characterized by the uniqueness of the sartorial workings, the details and the lines studied on the body of the wearer.

At the end of the parade, Master Pignatelli gave some interviews to tell the best of the work of the maison.

Where did you get inspiration for this new collection?
“As always, it starts with an idea, researches, refinements in the style office, and then slowly takes shape. I am the tailor of my company and I say it with pride. Every year from an idea, after so many hours of work, this year more than ever, then everything gets to life. I hope so many, so many more and I will not stop. ”

In a year-long walkway we see innovation, research, but always with an eye to the structure of the wedding dress and bridal, is not it?
“I always keep to see the matter, the tailoring, SE sees in silhouettes, in the forms of neon sole jackets.”

This evening we saw the Smoking Torino preview. How was born?
“It was in the belly of our lab for a while and we decided to present it here. A tribute to the city, Turin, which has hosted me for so many years and that I feel mine. ”

Queen of the catwalk, Eva Riccobono, who enchanted everyone for her elegance.
“Her dresses were made specially for her, one of which was finished just this night from my tail”

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