Casablanca Bridal takes 20 years: we look at the history of the bride’s most beloved brand

One of the world’s most important bridal brands celebrates an important birthday. Exactly 20 years ago was born Casablanca Bridal, a brand that would revolutionize the concept of wedding dress in the world. For this reason, we Zankyou, we want to celebrate this important event with a gallery that traces the brand’s way to this day. We discover all the stages in the history of Casablanca Bridal.

In the far away 1997, Kevin Lu and Gloria Lu couple in life and work, they got a blast! Create a broad-spectrum brand with ample and futuristic views. So they drew designs that were a “second skin” on the most special day of every woman. The models began to multiply, as well as sales and impact in the world …

Casablanca, in its long history, has introduced these very important novelties and has achieved all of these goals:

• 2003: Casablanca Bridal wins the Fashion Diva Award as the bridal brand of the year
• 2004: The brand wins the Dallas Fashion Awards for Bridal Fashion
• 2005: Offices are open in Anaheim, California
• 2007: Haute Couture Love Line is born
• 2008: Casablanca Bridal wins the DEBI Award as the Bridal Brand of the Year
• 2009: Website is online
• 2012: Kevin and Gloria launch Celebrate Forever, an ONLUS
• 2014: Casablanca Bridal opens a boutique in Newport Beach, California
• 2016: Amado by Casablanca Bridal, is the new line at modest prices
• 2017: Emphasis on global expansion

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