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Berta Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress Collection

Berta Bridal 2018 bridal dresses are the rule of the 3 “them”: sexy, seductive, sensual. These are the most correct adjectives, in fact, to tell the new collection presented in New York over the past few weeks.

Whether it comes to fitting clothing such as a second skin and clothing where the volumes widen on skirting slips and embellished with even three-dimensional embroidery, the line for next year looks respectable and feminine every time. Perhaps not easy to wear – not for all, at least – but still worthy of all the attention it deserves.



And so, the Berta 2018 bridal gowns are characterized by some precise elements, stylistic features that distinguish the mood of the collection and – more generally – the way the brand is conceiving the bride:

  • Dazzling necklines and decollet√© pronounced, which glance at the look
  • Long and worked cloaks, which replace the traditional veil
  • The volumes that affect skirts, while still slipping and content
  • Legs and backs are protagonists, giving a sexy allure


Deep V neckline, which crosses the entire torso to stop just one step from the waistline; this is how they become tremendously sexy and succinct some of the Berta 2018 wedding dresses. Decolleté is the protagonist, however, even in creations where the neckline is in the heart.

In any case, the dress’s bodice is embellished with embroidery, lightpoint applications, or 3D effect pads. And underneath is that bumblewarming effect, to which the fashion house has become accustomed to us.

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  1. ecco

    Here, therefore, the transparencies are becoming more and more precious and I see and do not see, refined details of seduction complemented by gorgeous and luxurious embroidery that, as the trends of success emphasize, lend themselves to enchanting the seductive appearance of side A And B of a wedding dress.

    The evanescence of a delicate floral lace, then, runs through the candid presence of veiled sleeves, in which contemplates the sweet preciousness of lovely ramage along the arms.

    In the latter case, then, we observe the sophisticated use of humeral necklaces, from the sophisticated and scenic style, typically off the shoulder.

    Still, there are a number of colors paired with the Ebony tradition, in an eye-catching and impressive chromatic crescendo, ideal for a bride looking for an innovative quid as such alternatives can be.

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