Aire Barcelona Beach Wedding 2018 Collection

Aire Barcelona presents the Beach Wedding 2018 collection: this hot torrid is perfect for admiring the delicate evanescence of new wedding dresses, love at first sight for a romantic wedding on the beach.

Bridal creations for 2018 propose, as in the past year, a lighter and easier style, playing with fluid lines and fairy geometries, where dense diaphanes languidly caress the whole figure.

Reflecting silver sparkling details sparkle on soft and pink tones, embellished with brilliant embroideries and tattooing and cut out for a touch of seductive malice.

In this regard, look at the daring neckline of the back, the provocative V-shaped scoops that emphasize the severity of the skin, perfect for kissing from the last sun of sunset.

Cuts slipped from soft softness alternate with seductive mermaid dresses, without losing intriguing crops to so much success on international bridal gangways.

Aire Barcelona Beach Wedding 2018 is perfect for highlighting the refined elegance that you also have with a mood and unconventional mood of a beach wedding, a gently sensual inspiration for your sunniest most beautiful day.

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