9 films that every bride should watch during wedding planning

If you have that nervous period – preparing for a wedding, then it’s time to relax a little, after watching a couple of good films on the wedding theme. Stock up with popcorn, hug your loved one and forget about all the problems, immersed in the world of cinema!

1. “Bachelorette party in Vegas”. Year: 2011.

About the film: Annie is the main bridesmaid, but she’s not in for fun, because her own personal life has accumulated a lot of problems. However, she needs to forget about everything and support her friend in this exciting period of her life. Girls will come off at the girls’ party the way they did not even dream of.

2. “War of the Bride”. Year: 2009.

About the film: Two best friends suddenly become the most implacable enemies, and all because of the fact that weddings they have by coincidence of circumstances are scheduled for the same day.

3. “Bachelors”. Year: 2012.

About the film: Three girlfriends invites to become girlfriends of the bride girl, over which at school they mocked. Without incident, it did not happen!

4. “Father of the bride.” Year: 1991.

About the film: The caring father of the bride helps her in preparation for the wedding. Wedding daughter – an event sad for his father, because he will have to part with the daughter, a considerable amount of money, and even tolerate the groom’s relatives.

5. Mamma Mia! Year: 2008.

About the film: Sophie’s bride is trying to find out who her father is by inviting the potential candidates that her mother once met to her own wedding. Good music and an interesting story – a movie worth seeing!


6. “27 weddings”. Year: 2008.

About the film: Jane – the eternal bridesmaid, who visited 27 weddings, because of what her wardrobe is full of the most diverse outfits bridesmaids. Everything would be fine, but it would not hurt to think about the wedding itself.


7. “Intruders”. Year: 2005.

About the film: Two avid bachelor ladies-goers visit other people’s weddings, inventing different stories about themselves to meet girls. But everything changes when one of them meets Her.


8. “The singer at the wedding.” Year: 1998.

About the film: On one of the weddings, the soloist of the orchestra named Robbie meets a young waitress Julia. Each of them has his own wedding planned. But, it seems, not all plans are to be realized.


9. “Wedding Trouble”. Year: 2001.

About the film: A romantic comedy with the participation of Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey talks about the tricks of the fateful prankster and the correctness of an important choice.

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