8 Common Wedding Day Fears

Fears and worries somehow marred the expectation of the holiday to almost all the brides. No matter how calm and confident you are, there are no thoughts of possible troubles, and yes they will visit your head. Today we will look at the 8 most common nightmares of brides and see if the devil is as terrible as he is painted!

Fear # 1. Guests will not like the wedding

To think about guests, their convenience is absolutely correct. Caring about that at the wedding was comfortable, fun, interesting to do their job – the guests will appreciate it and will be grateful to you. However, do not forget that the wedding – it’s primarily your holiday and that everyone can not be liked. The main thing is for this day to pass in accordance with your principles and desires. It is such a holiday that will leave pleasant memories in your soul for many years to come. Do not try to please someone by stepping on the throat of your own song – this is the direct path to disappointment. On the other hand, if you want something extraordinary, understandable only to a narrow circle of people (or even you two), think about how to hold a wedding without guests or in the very “chosen” circle. It will be better for you and for everyone else.

Fear number 2. The bridegroom will not come

In the modern world it is difficult to imagine a similar situation – many couples before the wedding have lived together for more than one year, and in general it is now customary to marry after you have recognized a person well and you can trust him. But the fear of remaining alone before the altar did not outlive itself. We want to reassure the brides: your fiance has already made a decision before making an offer. Moreover, he did not run away in the process of a long and expensive preparation for the wedding)))) And this means that the chances for his disappearance in the “same day” tend to zero. If the fear still hurts, give up the traditional separate fees and start the wedding day together – you will be sure that the groom is not going anywhere and will not be lost on the way to you)))

Fear # 3. Drop the ring

The sign that the wedding ring at the altar is threatened with misfortunes in family life is one of the most “beloved” and tenacious. Although this situation is not uncommon: the rings drop both the bride and groom – the moment is something exciting. To get rid of obsessive fear of signs, understand: all superstition is not a mystical, but quite logical origin. For example, a sign that salt can not be spilled comes from the time when salt cost more than gold. It’s the same with wedding superstitions, which are endless. Therefore, the best advice – just “hammer” on all the signs, relax and enjoy your day. We did not convince you? Conquer one superstition by another. If the ring falls, thread a white thread through it, and then burn it. We assure you this will help 100%! ;)))))

Fear # 4. Dirty Dress

Yes, the bride’s snow-white dress is easy to smear. But if you follow a few simple recommendations, your outfit will be all right:

Drink only clear drinks
Do not lean on alcohol
Food should be low-fat and comfortable form (if it’s sweets or snacks that are eaten by hands)
Stay away from the chocolate fountain and drunken guests
In the autumn-spring period, give up a dress with a long train
Just in case, take with yourself wet wipes and a pencil against the stains – they will help to eliminate mild dirt

Fear # 5: Fight or scandal

In today’s civilized world, a fight at a wedding is more an exception than a rule. Although scandals, of course, happen. If you are afraid of something like this, ask yourself: why? Most likely, the fears did not appear in an empty place: you understand that one of the guests may behave inadequately and spoil your holiday. (Perhaps you even have a sad experience – for example, a wedding or someone from relatives.) Then the best option is not to invite this person at all: save nerves and do not spoil your lucky day. It is impossible to refuse an invitation? Then ask the low-drinking friends to follow the “suspicious” guest and, in case of something, quickly escort him.

It is possible that guests, in general, are pleasant people, but between some of them there is a long-standing conflict that can manifest at the wedding. Then the leader will come to your aid. It must be warned in advance about all the “pitfalls”: make a list of topics that can not be touched, and people who can not be “crossed” in contests. A good leader will not allow a quarrel and will make sure that everyone is comfortable at the celebration.

Fear # 6. There will be bad weather

Even if you play a wedding in the summer, from the vagaries of the weather no one is immune. You are afraid that the planned walk and photo session will be impossible, a beautiful exit ceremony will break, and guests, instead of enjoying outdoor recreation, will have to hide from the rain under the nearest tree. Decision? Do not be nervous and daily check with the weather forecast. Just prepare a plan B in case of rain, cold, wind, etc. Think about where you can transfer the photo session and the ceremony. For a banquet rent a tent or a canopy, put the heat guns. Or just buy waterproof shoes, give guests umbrellas with blankets and take photos of the weather. Such shots will turn out to be unusual, funny and very romantic. The main thing, remember – your happiness the weather is not a hindrance!

Fear # 7. Not enough food or drinks

Almost every bride overtakes this fear. And almost always it turns out that the unrest was in vain! Banquet menus in restaurants are made taking into account that the guests are exactly full. 1.5 kilograms of food (including sweets and cake) is more than enough for a 7-hour banquet (and will remain!). If your evening lasts less, then you need to order less food (reduce about 200 g per hour). But what is desirable is the variety of menus: do not focus on hot dishes, but on snacks – meat, fish, vegetables, pickles, salads, etc.

If we talk about drinks, then there are a lot of very accurate alcohol calculators on the net – use them. Be sure to take care not only about alcohol, but also about soft drinks – they should be a lot, especially in summer (not less than 1.5 liters per person). And the water should be enough for both guests and your assistants (photographer, videographer, presenter, etc.)

Fear # 8. Forgotten Trivia

Many brides are very worried that in the cycle of events they will forget to bring with them to the wedding some small thing: lip gloss, a box for money, a garter – anything. Sometimes the fear of forgetting something becomes panicky: the bride starts feverishly remembering what else may be needed, asks on the forums, “Whoever forgot at the wedding.” If this is about you – read carefully:

Relax: the wedding will not break because of some small detail. Well, they will not give you rings on the author’s pillow, but on a hastily found white saucer – guests will not notice anything at all, and the ceremony will not suffer. Little things in this and little things that you can easily do without them. The holiday will take place in any case, and what it will be – depends only on your mood!

Make a list. Start its preparation in advance, and every time you think about something important, add items to it. By the day of the wedding, you will be ready to check-list with the necessary things – check with him, and just do not forget anything.
In order not to create an unnecessary rush in the morning, add up all the little things from evening to packages or bags, sign that where. Put the packages in a conspicuous place.
If possible, send some of the things needed in the restaurant in advance. On your wedding day, take with you only the minimum required.

All brides are experiencing before the wedding. But do not let fears take the upper hand: look for solutions to problems instead of worrying in vain. And know: your wedding will be awesome!

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